Design Management / Advisory role

We can assist where you have a project but don’t know how to get it structured & planned, don’t have the time; or are based overseas.
We can take the brief, look at the existing premises/guidelines, if required visit the overseas office for reference; & then form a design brief, generic layout, requirements list.
We form a list of potential consultants to interview with yourselves. At the point where the team is appointed, we can stop our work or continue on in a managerial or monitoring role.

Design Consultancy Services

‘Consultancy’ approach is selected by clients who either prefer the detail & dilligence of that mode of contract, are required to select it by their company; or the size of project suits a more formal structure.
An example of a project might be a multi-national client who has a 70,000sqft project; & expects multi-comparison of products, vendors, & contractors.

Menu :

  1. Due dilligence study (helping to select the right building space through brief & planning)
  2. Space Planning (developing a new direction in your workplace planning)
  3. Concept design package (‘ready to go’ for development by a local designer)
  4. Schematic design package (concept, layout & key detail set with spec sheets all ready for a local designer to draw up the construction set & carry out the site administration)
  5. Full project design package (from brief taking through to construction completion)
  6. Representation for overseas architects/designers (Asia local designer role acting on behalf of an overseas practice)

Design & Build Services

From brief taking to design + construction proposal, full construction design documentation, site administration, through to full project close out of work; D&B offers an agile project structure, that particularly suits short timescale projects.
‘Design & Build’ is usually selected for projects upto 25,000sqft, where the client feels the multi-consultant approach & cost is out of scale to the project task.
An example might be a 15,000sqft single floor project on a 2-3 year premises rental, that requires a complete solution without too much demand of the client’s own time to get the project complete.